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Benett Level X Bundesliga 2024

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Finally available - The new Level X Bundesliga!

The models in the Level X series have made a name for themselves worldwide through quality, comfort and performance. The new hi-tech latex "Wet'n Dry" from the FUSIONGRIP series with a thickness of 4mm is convincing for thousands of keepers! The best adhesive foam for all weather conditions currently on the market. Top grip, high impact absorption and durability are guaranteed!

Thanks to the sophisticated details in combination with exceptional materials, the BUNDESLIGA version impresses with its high level of comfort and an ingenious fit.

Technical Facts:

  • 4mm Fusiongrip Wet'n Dry
  • Skin-Fit-Pro Technology (SFP)
  • Half Entry Strap
  • Comfort Body Tec (CBT)
  • Half Negative Cut
  • Elastic Wrist Bandage
  • CTR Secure Zone
  • Thumb Grip
  • Latex Punching Zone



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