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Your way to No. 1

Since 2006 we have been supporting young goalkeepers on their way to becoming the No. 1 - first and foremost we convey the fun and joy of goalkeeping. Only this is making a sustainable learning success possible. Our goalkeepers can develop in a professional and emphatic environment by learning from outstanding coaching personalities. In age- and performance-based training groups, goalkeepers improve on their technical and tactical skills. 

schwarzer Hintergrund


Austria - Germany - Spain - Italy 

Multi-day goalkeeper camps, which are characterized above all by professional training, international top coaches and sustainable learning success. 

summer holidays

23.-25.06.2023 Nals, Südtirol, ITA

30.06-02.07.2023 Cappenberger See, Lünen, GER

10.07-14.07.2023 Peschiera del Garda, Gardasee, ITA

14.07-16.07.2023 Weyregg am Attersee, AUT

21.07.-23.07.2023 Rostock, GER

21.07-23.07.2023 Neusiedlersee, AUT

28.07.-30.07.2023 Hard am Bodensee, AUT

28.07.-30.07.2023 Velden am Wörthersee, AUT

31.07-04.08.2023 Son Ferrer, Mallorca

07.08-11.08.2023 Son Ferrer, Mallorca

18.08-20.08.2023 Ingolstadt, GER

25.-27.08.2023 Melk, AUT

Learn and benefit from an international coaching team


With more than 50 goalkeeper coaches in five countries, we are able to carry out our goals and projects with the highest quality and liability.  All goalkeeper coaches and goalkeeper camp managers have many years of experience as an active goalkeeper or goalkeeper coach. They love to pass on their knowledge and experience to the goalkeepers of tomorrow.  As a participant in our events, you benefit from the different mentalities of our goalkeeper coaches.

schwarzer Hintergrund


fun & joy

Learning with joy - fun is the focus at the goalkeeper events!

 Sustainable training goals can only be achieved with ease and joy. 


In our training sessions, we teach the most important technical skills that you need as a goalkeeper. Step by step you will learn to implement them!


Opening the game, setting up the "wall" for a free kick or the right position in different game situations - our goalkeeper coaches will teach it!

Age and performance appropriate


Every young goalkeeper is an individual. We have the right goalkeeper coaches on board for every age and performance level. Young goalkeepers who are already knocking on the doorstep of the first team or maybe even want to go professional can develop optimally in a friendly environment and receive coordinated and advanced training content.

For our youngest participants, we have specially trained supervisors on board. In addition to soccer-specific goalkeeper training, the program at the "ball school" also includes playful handling of the ball in the form of throwing, catching and shooting!

schwarzer Hintergrund

by goalkeeping.com

The "Keeper Days" are modular 4-hour events with three technical units and one theoretical unit, which enable the goalkeepers  to improve their skills in a short time. Each "KEEPERDAY" sets a different training focus.


With a lot of fun and know-how, our goalkeeper coaches convey training content that is easy to understand for young keepers and can be implemented quickly. 

Opinions of our participants and parents

schwarzer Hintergrund
Nicole K. from Graz (AUT)

"My son has always really enjoyed the training! He has learned a few new techniques and has been able to constantly improve. He attends at least one camp every year."

schwarzer Hintergrund

Thomas M. from Upper Austria (AUT)

"The coaches were great and the other guys on his team were really great with each other. That left a lasting impression on me too! The championship has now started and my son is putting some of what he has learned into practice. Thanks again to his coach, who was very committed and wholeheartedly involved!"

schwarzer Hintergrund

Harry S. from Upper Austria (AUT)

"Even as a long-time handball coach in the children's and youth sector, I have hardly any idea what it means to prepare, hold and "stage" such large events so well. But you did a great job again, everyone had fun and learned a lot. Please keep it up!

schwarzer Hintergrund
Holger B. from Bavaria (GER)

"Thank you for two great days of training! Well done. With so many kids you know what's going on - and you coped very well. We'll definitely be there again next year."

schwarzer Hintergrund

Mirko from Padova (ITA)

"The boys enjoyed it. Great location, great sports fields, and great supporting program. My boys will definitely be back!"

schwarzer Hintergrund

Denis M. from Sedico (ITA)

"I would like to thank you for your professionalism and excellent organization of the Keeper Day. It was two intensive days in which my son really enjoyed himself and was able to learn a lot. Kudos to the professional trainers and the organizers!"

We are searching for you!

Would you like to be part of the most aspiring goalkeeper academy in Europe? Working at top conditions and attend goalkeeper camps in multiple countries? Maintain and build up goalkeeper training offers in your own region? Then you should apply for our goalkeeper coaching job positions. We are looking for goalkeeper coaches worldwide who would like to grow with us. 


We are currently hiring

  • GK Academy Area manager

  • Goalkeeper coach

schwarzer Hintergrund

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goalkeeping.com academy

For more than 15 years, we have specialized in professional and sustainable goalkeeper training. With over 5,000 participants, we are the number 1 when it comes to goalkeeper camps and other keeper events. Our goalkeeper training enjoys the reputation of being among the best around the world.  
Goalkeeping.com Academy focuses at engaging with international top coaches who join our goalkeeper events. We spare no expense or effort for this. Every goalkeeper and every goalkeeper who trains with us only learns from the best coaches!

And the most important: We offer more than just training! Fun and joy are the ground base for achieving sustainable training success. Our goalkeepers can develop optimally in a friendly environment and we provide them with age- and performance-based and advanced training content.



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