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First KEEPERDAY in Tyrol (Austria)!

For the first time we were able to hold a KEEPERDAY in Tyrol. On September 18, 2022 we made guest appearances at the Austrian Bundesliga club WSG Tirol. Our highly committed team of coaches around Simon Beccari completed training module 1 - basic techniques of goalkeeping with the 30 participants.

Top- Goalkeeper Coaches

The older goalkeepers had the opportunity to train with the goalkeeping coaches of the pros. In addition to Simon Beccari, Hermann Steinlechner was also at the start, who normally whips Ferdinand Oswald into shape with WSG number 1! With Mischa Todeschini, Loris Schöpf, Christian Steinlechner and Stephan Körner, we had other top goalkeeping coaches with us.

Goalkeeper Talents from the region

The level of training could always be kept high due to the highly talented field of participants. If you want to see for yourself, you can watch the video on our YouTube channel:

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