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Module 1

  • When is a short pass better than a long one?

  • Which technique do I use for short passes and which for longer passes?

  • In which direction do I move when I am being played and have to receive the ball?

Passing & taking the ball

Module 2

  • How do I beat the goalkeeper in a 1-1 situation?

  • Which shooting technique do I use to score a goal?

  • How do I free myself to get a scoring opportunity?

  • How do I recognize a possible scoring opportunity?

Exploiting scoring opportunities

Module 3

  • How do I behave in a duel as a defensive player?

  • How do I act as a player with the ball when I get into a duel?

  • How do I defend when the opponent has the majority?

Duel behavior

Module 1

  • What football techniques are there and when do I use them?

  • How can I use these?

  • What passing and shooting techniques are there and in which situations do I use them?

Football technology

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