What you should know about us ...

International team

Benefit from the most diverse mentalities

International top coaches, an international field of participants and, above all, lots of fun - at our goalkeeping events you will take more with you than just goalkeeping training. Get to know new goalkeeper training mentalities and network with like-minded people from other federal states or from abroad!

All of our coaches have years of experience as keepers and coaches. We ensure that all of our team members are fully trained. In addition to the high-quality and age-appropriate training content, healthy nutrition is also the focus of our camps.


Age and performance-based

Every child is individual

We have the right goalkeeping coach on board for every age. Young goalkeepers who are already knocking on the battle team or perhaps even want to go into the professional field can develop optimally in a friendly environment and receive coordinated and advanced training content.

For our smallest participants, we have specially trained supervisors on board. In addition to football-specific goalkeeper training, the ball school also features playful handling of the ball in the form of throwing, catching and shooting!


Knowledge based

New: our blog

Our training is based on the latest sports science findings. Because our team is regularly trained!

Find out more about the background to goalkeeping training in our blog !