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Sponsoring for amateurs

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring!

We know how costly the position of goalkeeper can be! You complete training and championship games several times a week - this ensures a corresponding consumption of goalkeeper articles.

However, goalkeeper gloves and goalkeeper clothing of the right quality cost money, and this is often a financial burden, especially for young athletes.

For this reason, we have also created sponsorship packages for amateur keepers. With these packages you can take advantage of many discounts and minimize your spending on top products. For example the so-called "3+1 package": If you order 3 pairs of goalkeeper gloves from the brands BENETT,, Mundial or Grpstar, you get a 25% discount and a pair for free!* The models can also be combined .

First of all, we ask you to fill out the inquiry form. Our team will review your request and get back to you within a few days.

* The discount will be deducted from the RRP.

Inquire amateur sponsorship

Many thanks for your inquiry!

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