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Adidas X GL LGE

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Unleash your goalkeeping skills with the new adidas goalkeeper gloves without bandages!

These advanced goalkeeper gloves are perfect for goalkeepers who prefer freedom of movement and a natural feel. The lack of a bandage allows for unparalleled ball feel and maximum flexibility for lightning-fast reactions. Whether you're in training or in the decisive match, these gloves will not disappoint.

The most important features:

  • Unmatched Fit: The gloves hug your hands like a second skin and provide a customized, precise fit. You'll forget you're even wearing gloves.

  • First-class grip: The grippy palm ensures that you can catch and play the ball safely, no matter the conditions. Rain, sun or mud - these gloves retain their grip.

  • Breathable material: The lightweight and breathable material keeps your hands dry and comfortable, even during intense gaming.

  • Durability: Adidas is known for its durable products, and these gloves are no exception. They will last you through many games.

  • Timeless design: With the classic adidas design, your hands not only look good, but you also show style on the pitch.

The adidas goalkeeper gloves without bandage are the perfect choice for goalkeepers who value speed, agility and precision. Now reach for the stars and take your goalkeeping to the next level. Experience the freedom these gloves offer and be ready for every shot!

Don't wait any longer and get the adidas goalkeeper gloves without bandage today - your game will never be the same



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