Terms of Service

The legal guardians guarantee that the participant is healthy and physically able to fully work under pressure. It takes part in the training on its own responsibility.

Allergies and other health problems of the participant must be reported before the start of the event. Goalkeeping.com Academy accepts no liability for the loss of valuables.

Any damage caused to the registered participant must be covered by the insurance of the legal guardian.

The publication of photos or videos of the participant on the Goalkeeping.com International Goalkeeper Academy website and on all social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) is permitted. If the legal guardians do not agree to the publication, this must be communicated in writing to .

The instructions of the supervisor must be followed. In the event of repeated gross non-compliance, the participant can be excluded from further operation. The exclusion takes place in consultation with the parents.

If the participant cancels up to 21 days before the start of the KEEPERDAYS, the full amount paid will be refunded. If you cancel after this time, there will be no refund of the amount. In this case, the participant receives a credit note, which can be redeemed either for another event or in the online shop.

If participation in a Pro Elite camp is cancelled, the amount paid can only be refunded if the participant has taken out cancellation insurance. The cancellation insurance only applies in the event that the participant is unable to take part in the event due to illness or injury. In the event of cancellation, the illness/injury must be proven in a suitable form.

The cancellation insurance applies to the booking of an overnight ticket only insofar as Goalkeeping.com GmbH does not have to make advance payments to the accommodation provider. If the cancellation is made by the participant after the end of the cancellation period, which Goalkeeping.com GmbH has to comply with towards the accommodation provider, the overnight ticket can no longer be refunded.

The accommodation rate with half board applies exclusively to participants of Pro Elite camps. Goalkeeping.com GmbH reserves the right to charge separately for any costs incurred by accompanying persons (parents, family members) staying overnight.


If an event organized by Goalkeeping.com Academy is postponed due to force majeure (weather related, pandemics, etc.), the participation fee will not be refunded. In this case, the participant receives the right to a voucher that is valid for the registration of a future event.

If an event organized by the Goalkeeping.com Academy is canceled due to force majeure (weather related, pandemics, etc.), the participation fee will be refunded.

The Goalkeeping.com Academy reserves the right to charge for printed shirts, backpacks and bottles before the cancellation. Any existing obligation to refund the participation fee remains unaffected.​

Booking a KEEPERDAY ticket without a keeper package is possible on request if you participate several times. The ticket price in this case is EUR 69.

Please note that if registrations arrive less than 7 days before the event, the punctual delivery of the keeper package can no longer be guaranteed. If a product is no longer available in the relevant size, it will be sent to the address given.